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NEXI is the parent company of a banking group that works to support the growth and consolidation of Banks, Financial and Insurance Institutions, Businesses and Public Administration.

NEXI, in particular, is a system-based bank specializing in payment services and systems (national and international), in securities services, offered in accordance with a business process outsourcing model, and in the Bank / Business services and PA.

In the payment services field, through a partnership with EQUENS SE, the Institute manages 1 billion transactions annually and is the European leader with 15% of the market.

In the Automated Clearing House (ACH) services field, NEXI holds 45% of the domestic market (with ICCREA BANK which constitutes a sole ACH), it participates in EACHA (ACH interoperable at the European level) and provides a SCT (Sepa Credit transfer) services for 33 direct Adherents and 428 indirect ones.

For these services, NEXI ensures compliance with the rules and criteria established by European laws (PSD - Payment Services Directive and SEPA - Single Payments Area).                                        

When it comes to securities services, NEXI covers the whole range of investment services: collection and processing of orders, negotiations, counseling, placement, clearing, settlement and custody. The Institution is also the only national operator conducting Custodian Bank and Fund Administration activities.                    

In the Bank/Business and PA services field,  NEXI supports the CBI Consortium infrastructure with more than 80 banks operating in the role of Access Point Manager, and with over 170,000 active businesses in the Delegated Technical Structure services.

Furthermore, NEXI is the leader in Italy for  integrated electronic billing services and solutions. With Collections and Payments, the Institution has more than 300 Banks as clients and offers innovative services supporting the import-export of businesses (Global Trade Services).